Visit from Dr. Mingda Lv

Super proud of Dr. Mingda Lv, who returned to visit us at MSU this week! He was our alumnus colloquium speaker as part of festivities for MSU Homecoming week. He gave a great talk on his path “Bridging academia to industry,” from what he learned as a student (~1/3 of that time during the pandemic) through Zoom defense and graduation in spring 2021, to postdoc at Argonne National Lab, recently to his new job in X-ray instrumentation at Rigaku back in Michigan. His concluding remarks citing Wapman et al. 2022, Chen et al.’s preprint, educating the department about visas for international students, and recommending steps to support students were important and impactful.

Dr. Lv receives the award for Excellence in Ph.D. Research from MSU Earth and Environmental Sciences
Belated doctoral hooding for Dr. Lv!

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