Awards 2019-2020

We’re overdue for another round of congratulations to group members on this past year’s achievements!

Congratulations to Benjamin Brugman on his 2020 Outstanding Poster Award at the NNSA SSAP Symposium!

Benjamin Brugman received a second presentation award for his work on the high-pressure deformation of tungsten carbide, this time at the National Nuclear Security Administration’s symposium for the Stockpile Stewardship Academic Programs (one of which is the Chicago-DOE Alliance Center, of which we are members).

Mingda Lv was awarded the Pringle Endowed Fellowship (for a second time) from the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department, in recognition of his academic and research excellence.

Mingda’s first first-authored paper from his work at MSU was also accepted in 2020! In addition, Suki’s paper on “Effects of composition and pressure on electronic states of iron in bridgmanite,” the result of work both at EPFL and MSU, is now in press at American Mineralogist.

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