Awards and new publications

Since last update, we’ve been busy, and congratulations are due all around!

At the 2018 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, Suki presented an invited talk on “The mechanism of the akimotoite-bridgmanite phase transition and implications for the dynamics of subducted slabs” (featuring the in-prep work of Jiachao Liu), and an invited poster “Effect of carbonate polymorphism on carbonate-silicate reactions in Earth’s lower mantle” (featuring the in-prep work of Mingda Lv). Mingda also presented a poster in collaboration with his CIDER  research group on “A multidisciplinary assessment of heat flux at the core mantle boundary.”

Congratulations to Olivia Krieger on her Best Poster Award at the 2019 American Physical Society Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics! The poster summarized her summer 2018 REU project (working with Ben Brugman).IMG_1744.jpg

At the 2019 COMPRES Annual Meeting, Ben Brugman received a Best Student Poster Award for his work on “Strength, deformation, and equation of state of tungsten carbide to 66 GPa” (sorry for not getting a photo)! Mingda Lv also delivered an excellent talk on “Experimental constraints on the fate of MgCO3 and CaCO3 subducted into Earth’s lower mantle.”


In spring 2019, we also had 3 new publications accepted!

And one more publication, not peer-reviewed: Suki’s new baby was born in March.

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