We’re back from the COMPRES 2017 Annual Meeting in Santa Ana Pueblo, NM. Big congratulations to Mingda Lv, who received a student presentation award and was elected to the COMPRES Student and Postdoc Committee! Suki was also elected to Chair the COMPRES Education, Outreach, and Infrastructure Development Committee. MSU had FIVE posters at the meeting:

  • J. Liu, S. M. Dorfman, M. Lv*, J. Li and Y. Kono, “Release of Nitrogen during Planetary Accretion Explains Missing Nitrogen in Earth’s Mantle,” COMPRES Annual Meeting 2017.
  • M. Lv*, J. Liu, V. B. Prakapenka and S. M. Dorfman, “Thermal equation of state of post-aragonite CaCO3 up to 85 GPa and 2500 K,” COMPRES Annual Meeting 2017. *Received Student Presentation Award*
  • E. M. Straley, S. M. Dorfman and J. D. Nicholas, “Demonstration of Thin Film Ruby as a High Spatial Resolution In-Situ Pressure Sensor,” COMPRES Annual Meeting 2017.
  • Y. Ma, E. M. Straley, S. M. Dorfman and J. D. Nicholas, “Thin Film Enabled, High Pressure Lab-on-A-Chip Technology for Mineral Physics Applications,” COMPRES Annual Meeting 2017.
  • J. Liu, S. M. Dorfman, F. Zhu, J. Li, Y. Wang, D. Zhang, Y. Xiao, W. Bi and E. E. Alp, “Effects of ferric iron on observable properties of the lower mantle,” COMPRES Annual Meeting 2017.

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